Make it Happen

Dear ALL,

Firstly, thanks so much to all of you, for your interest in the CreativeCollaborative Mothers Residency Art Project.There have been both curiosity and questions from your side.They  have made me happy, as well as made me think about making the project more inclusive and possible.

At the outset, ‘to make it happen’ as a mother / artist ,working within parameters of time constraints was the driving point for me ,to start this project. The Open Call for Creative Duologue-I  sprung out of this very need to create, collaborate , interact and also take a short break from one’s own space and roles for a while. Within all of these,the rooted driving force has been ,the desire to continue to create and find meaningful and enriching platforms for exchange and growth. But your enquiries , messages and discussions have made me realise; that amidst the universality of the maternal as an experience, there lay areas of struggle , which can be variants for each one of us.

I am now in the process of reshaping and finding new routes within CCM. I truly wish it enables collaboration and creative production ; despite the variant factors of funding, time zones, ‘maternal identity’ etc. which many of you have discussed with me.

Please watch this space for more information ..coming soon.


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