Open Call- ‘At- Home’ Colloquy – I

Open Call
‘At- Home’ Colloquy – I

Proposals are invited for the Open Call for CreativeCollaborative Mothers , an art project engaging mother artists in collaborations for exchange and creative production. The first session of this ‘make it happen’ platform of exchange is ‘At-Home’ Colloquy-I . Unlike the Creative Duologue sessions of CCM, to be realised ‘on site’ in Uttarakhand; it is focused on bringing together two mother artists, in association with each other , despite their not meeting in person .The idea is to foster dialogue even where meeting in person is not possible; exchange thoughts through different modes of communication, and develop a body of work.

Duration– The mother artists are free to mutually decide the duration of their at- home project; ranging from one month to one year.

Concept– The ‘At-Home’ Colloquy -I is focused on exchanges of notes and responses to experiences from the ‘maternal’ domain. Inter-cultural or inter-generational dialogues and responses to the maternal are preferred.Points of departure could be ,but are not limited to- the art work/s of one another, exchange of cultural / social aspects of the maternal , objects, icons/ myths/ narratives / personal histories.

Applications are to be sent as duo -artists only, with a pre-conceived collaborative outline structured. Mother Artists working in painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture ,performance art, video art and sound art can apply for the collaborative at-home residency. Inter-disciplinary dialogues are welcome. At the end of the residency , each artist should submit a typed artist statement. It should describe the process of collaboration, beginning from the dialogues to the creative works produced. (a format for the same shall be provided). Along with the text, images of the works produced and one original creative work produced during the residency should also be submitted . The submission should be in an A4 size folder only, to be POSTED and shall be a part of The Maternal Chord Archive. Simultaneously, the material submitted shall also be put up on the wordpress site for public .
Artist- duo whose applications for the At-Home Colloquy-I are accepted, can also request for a residency in Uttarakhand , India at a later date .
All material received for The Maternal Chord Archive shall be used for non-commercial purpose only.

Kindly Submit
1. Statement of intent (maximum 500 words) –
– The title of your proposal .
-Discuss concept/s, thought/s or idea/s you wish to exchange as mother artists.
– Modes of exchange you wish to take up.
– Modes of response you intend to use / medium you wish to create in.
2. Biography – One A4 size page for each artist (including educational qualification, current designation,solo exhibitions and projects, major previous participations , your country of birth/ nationality and your full contact details ).
3. Images – 5 images of recent works / collaborations / projects

Text Submitted should be MS Word
Images- Jpeg , no more than 1MB each (please label each image with your name ,the title of the work / project and the year of creation )
Please send your submissions in ONE email only.
In the email subject line , please write — For ‘At- Home’ Colloquy-I followed by your name/s and title of the proposal.
Deadline for Submission– ONGOING
Date of Announcement of Participants for ‘At-Home’ Colloquy-I – Within one month from date of submission.
(please check
Please send your submissions to Ruchika Wason Singh at


Egidija Čiricaitė

Those Frivolous Readers
[16] pp : all ill. ; 20x27cm., 2015.
semi translucent cover; sensual feather-light pages; short essay on a sheet of discreetly light paper.
Numbered edition of 15 books,

It is a book on representation of women readers.

Mother/ Artist- London, U.K.

Make it Happen

Dear ALL,

Firstly, thanks so much to all of you, for your interest in the CreativeCollaborative Mothers Residency Art Project.There have been both curiosity and questions from your side.They  have made me happy, as well as made me think about making the project more inclusive and possible.

At the outset, ‘to make it happen’ as a mother / artist ,working within parameters of time constraints was the driving point for me ,to start this project. The Open Call for Creative Duologue-I  sprung out of this very need to create, collaborate , interact and also take a short break from one’s own space and roles for a while. Within all of these,the rooted driving force has been ,the desire to continue to create and find meaningful and enriching platforms for exchange and growth. But your enquiries , messages and discussions have made me realise; that amidst the universality of the maternal as an experience, there lay areas of struggle , which can be variants for each one of us.

I am now in the process of reshaping and finding new routes within CCM. I truly wish it enables collaboration and creative production ; despite the variant factors of funding, time zones, ‘maternal identity’ etc. which many of you have discussed with me.

Please watch this space for more information ..coming soon.

Helen Sargeant

Pregnant Woman, Nike Boy and the Pig Cats, M(other) & Sons

Digital drawing, 45.7cm x 38.2cm, 2015

A collaborative drawing, by me and my two sons Naoise (aged 7) Syd (aged 14) Whilst creating this work, I was thinking back to giving birth to my eldest son and becoming a mother. A headless woman giving birth, balances coloured circus balls on her back. I have found that there is no balance or juggling of roles to be found when working as a mother/artist. I carve out time to make with and without my children; mothering informs and inspires my practice.

Mother Artist- West Yorkshire, U.K.

Courtney Kessel

In Balance With2015; photo still from 30 – minute performance (2009 – present).

Mother Artist- Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.

Rachel Fallon

La Befana

A Durational Work of Repetitious Care.

Wax, pigment,milk substitute favoured by my son,
copper pot bought in Bray from a girl who grew up in Berlin where my son was born.


Everyday for the duration of this exhibition, I travel to the gallery to wash, clean and refill this pot in an act of repetitious care. I mark date, amount, time it takes and other notes on a breast-feeding chart that hangs beside the exhibit.

Mother Artist- U.K.

Miharu Hatori

Miharu, Hatori is a mother artist, professional calligrapher, nihonga painter  based in Japan. She has been working in sumi-e ink and washi  since past forty years.

Sarah Irvin

Rocking Chair Drawings, Graphite on Paper, Drawings made with the Artist’s rocking chair during the first year of her daughter’s life.

59 drawings in the piece at 13 x 8 inches each,2014- 2015.

Mother Artist – U.S.A.


A.M.M.A.A. -The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia

A.M.M.A.A. -The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia.

(A Research Project conceived and undertaken by Dr. Ruchika Wason Singh )

Call for Submissions
Submissions are invited from mother artists practicing in the field of visual arts , for the research project A.M.M.A.A.- The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia. The project is focused on the documentation of the identity, art practice and works of art created by women , who have pursued art making, despite maternal and domestic responsibilities. The project seeks to map mother artists of Asian origin living and creating in any Asian country. It also welcomes mother artists of Asian origin, living and creating anywhere outside of Asia.

Mother artists who would like to consider submitting to the archive, can do so from one or both of the following points of reference. As one whose art practice has been informed by the maternal experiences/ motherhood. And/ or as one who has not necessarily expressed herself through the maternal realm; nevertheless , has continued to create consistently after motherhood. The submitted material shall serve as an archive, bringing together diverse identities and experiences from Asia. The material submitted should be a compact overview of your art practice . You can choose to highlight / select the phases of your art you would like to share , ranging from just one to more in number. Of special interest are mother artists who have been working consistently, but , for one reason or the other; have not necessarily been in the main stream of the professional art scene in their country.

Eligibility – Practicing visual artists with a minimum of B.F.A. degree are eligible to send their submissions. However, any self-taught mother artist, with a body of work and an extensive exhibition history can also submit.

Kindly submit the following materials –
1.Cover Page – Your name , date of birth, nationality , current country of residence and   contact details.

2. Two Photographs– One profile photo of the mother artist (no less than 1MB , to be     pasted on the biography page, right hand top corner).
One photograph of the mother artist with her child/ children (a close-up , no less    than 2 MB and dated ).The mother-child photograph file should have the name of the mother artist and the date / year of the photograph) .

3. Five images of works created over a period of time (between 2 MB -3 MB ). You can include works created before pregnancy, but the project is focused mainly on your art practice during and after pregnancy.
Each image file should have the following details , in the following sequence -[ Name of the artist (in block letters , surname first) , title, medium, size in cms., year of execution ].

4. Artist’s Statement – One A4 size page (Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing, title bold).The statement should be in correspondence with the images submitted.

5. Biography – One A4 size page only. (Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing,   title bold ).It should contain information such as date of birth, educational qualification, major exhibitions and achievements. Also to include the age of your child/ children. You can choose to write in separate sections, or as free writing in paragraphs.Your profile photo also comes here.

Please DO NOT number the pages.
All text should be MS Word (separate files) labelled with – the content title, your name, country
and date of birth.
All images should jpeg.
In the subject line of your email, please write your name and country of birth.
The material submitted should be ready to print.
Deadline for submission is October 31st, 2016.
Please send your submissions to Ruchika Wason Singh  at

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