Open Call- Creative Duologue-I


Open Call
Proposals are invited for the first Open Call for CreativeCollaborative Mothers , an art project engaging mother artists in collaborations for exchange and creative production. The first session of the project Creative Duologue- I shall take place in the last week of November 2016. It is focused on bringing together two mother artists, in a short artist residency for a period of seven days. The idea is to provide time and space to exchange notes on ‘the maternal’, propelling mutual exchange and knowledge making ; leading to a creative process and production of creative work.

The short duration of the residency should be used to realise a collaborative exchange , started at least a month before the commencement of the residency on site. Applications can be made as individual artists with thoughts on points of collaboration or as duo -artists with a pre-conceived collaborative outline structured for themselves. The stay during the residency should concretise pre-discussed ideas and bring them to creative production.

‘The Maternal’ as an experience for mother artists , is a point of departure for collaborations at the residency. Mother Artists are free to find their own routes into dialogues and modes of exchange. Inter-cultural or inter-generational dialogues and responses to the maternal are preferred. Mother Artists working in painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture ,performance art, video art and sound art can apply for the collaborative residency. At the end of the residency , each artist should submit a typed artist statement. It should describe the process of collaboration, beginning from the pre-residency dialogues to the creative works produced. (a basic format for the same shall be provided). Along with the text, two original creative works produced during the residency should also be submitted . The submission should be in an A4 size folder and shall be a part of The Maternal Chord Archive.

The residency will provide the Mother Artists with the following-
-Independent ,spacious , mountain facing rooms (with attached bathrooms) to stay in.
-Studio space inside the house or in the outdoors , to create in (the site is especially suitable for outdoor installations).
-Local/ Regional grocery (artists are to use the common kitchen for cooking together).
-Cleaning and maintenance shall be arranged on every second day.

The Mother Artists should take care of –
-Travel to and from the site of the residency in Jeolikote, Uttarakhand, India. (assistance in arranging the same can be provided if required ).
-Collective cooking
-Art supplies
-Phone and internet
-Any medical aid and insurance
-Tourist Visa
-Any other personal needs.

Before applying, kindly note that the site of the residency is a comfortable bungalow situated in the small town of Jeolikote in Uttarakhand, India. It has easy access by road and railways from New Delhi. The nearest railway stations are Kathgodam ( driving time to Jeolikote is about 30 minutes ) and Haldwani (driving time to Jeolikote is about 50 minutes) . The nearest big hospital is in Haldwani. Internet availability can be partial due to weather conditions. Smoking within the premises of the residence is strictly prohibited.
( See for picture gallery).

Kindly Submit-
1. Statement of intent (maximum 500 words)
– The title of your proposal .
-Discuss concept/s, thought/s or idea/s you wish to exchange with the other mother artist
– Modes of exchange you wish to take up.
– Modes of response you intend to use / medium you wish to create in.

2. Biography – One A4 size page (including educational qualification, current designation,
solo exhibitions and projects, major previous participations , your country of birth/ nationality
and your full contact details ).

3. Images – 5 images of recent works / collaborations / projects
Text Submitted should be MS Word
Images- Jpeg , no more than 1MB each (please label each image with your name ,the title of the
work / project and the year of creation )

Please send your submissions in ONE email only.
In the email subject line , please write your name/s and title of the proposal
Date of the Residency – last week of November. 2016.
Duration– Seven days
Deadline for Submission– June 30th, 2016.
Date of Announcement of Participants for the first session of CCM– August 1, 2016
(please check
Please send your submissions to Ruchika Wason Singh at



An Art Project.

Structured around Mother Artists.

Jeolikote, Uttarakhand,India.

Access by road and railways.

Individual spacious rooms facing the mountains to live in , with attached bathrooms.

Open/ indoor home space for studio.

Plenty of nature in any direction you look.

Local / regional vegetarian grocery available.

Common kitchen and collective cooking.

Two mother artists to collaborate in one residency.

Time and space for reflection, dialogue and exchange over masala tea.

Bringing old threads or looking for new ones.

The beginning and the making of The Maternal Cord Archive , from one session to the other.

Gi-Ok Jeon

Playfull Prayer-12, 53 cms x 74 cms , lithography, ink & color on Thai Bamboo Paper, Patong fabric collage, 2013.

Mother Artist -South Korea/ Thailand.

Beautiful Jeolikote

Comfortably situated between Nainital and Haldwani.

Nearest railway stations are Haldwani and Kathgodam, with a thirty- forty minute drive to the site of residency.

Journey by road from Delhi is approximately 6-7 hours.

Source: The Residence/ Site

The Concept

The conceptualisation of the structure of the residency, is the very core of my project.My focus is on a seven day , collaborative residency for mother-artists. The idea to work upon such a residency project ;sprung from my own constraints at taking long time out from family life , as well as the need to find platforms for dialogues.

Both,the time and the energy to create, are budgeted entities for creative mothers. The duration of each segment of the residency /project is worked around this practical issue we struggle with. I believe that the short duration of the residency can contribute in its own unique way; as opposed to the  month/s long residencies, which often seem impractical for many of us to apply for or participate in. The week-long residency shall provide the participants the time and space away from their individual homes, to make another make-shift collaborative home ;in which they will they will collaborate as they live, cook, paint, chat in a domestic setting they will themselves create for each other.

Considering the short duration of the residency, the ideas and exchange of notes to collaborate upon, should be initiated at least a month before the commencement of the residency .This process, either in person or any other mediums of communication will also be a part of the final submission .The purpose of the project is to continue to find possibilities of self- growth and dialogue as artists , while continuing with our role as mothers. Rather than a grand plan , small segments of experiences of maternal life could become points of take off . The exchange could be in the form of verbal or written text and / or visuals, leading to a creative process.

I hope that the polarities of cultures, shall find their way through the universality of motherhood.

Submissions / responses  to  Open-Call could be individual or as a collaborative- duo of practising mother artists.

(Please watch this space for more information)